Monday, November 3, 2008

Campaign Brings Out
The Ugliness In People

Sadly, most presidential campaigns strongly bring out the ugly bias in voters and supporters of the candidates, but this election year, it just seems more so.

A John McCain supporter actually hung a ghost from his tree with “Obama” written on it.

And a Barack Obama supporter actually made a display with mannequin dressed as John McCain in KKK garb, chasing an Obama mannequin. And sadly, these are just two cases out of many.

And then we have vile, unsupported claims by “supporters” that Obama is not an American and he’s a Muslim or that McCain is so old, he’ll die in office.

This type of behavior is not only beyond childish, but it’s disrespectful to both candidates.

And worst of all, it’s a huge distraction from the real issues. Political bias is a very powerful and deadly tool when it’s wielded in a loyal, delusional supporter’s hand. They create unneeded controversy and fiery among other political supporters.

It’s bad enough that the candidates use the old magician’s trick of misdirection, by not talking about the issues in detailed but attacking their opponent instead.

But to actually depict both Obama and McCain in KKK stylings or to disgrace them in any other manner is repugnant. And these party-blinded fools do not even realize that they are hurting their own candidate’s reputation and good standing with the public.

Neither candidate in his right mind wants to be associated with a prejudice mental idiot who thinks it’s a good idea to use racism to get their point across.

Sadly, every year during election time, either from local campaigns or major ones, it just seems that some supporters actually sink lower and lower in to the political quagmire. And sometimes, it seems as if they have sunk even lower than the candidates themselves.

It’s only strong people who can look beyond these disgusting misdeeds and only judge the candidates based on their character and not on the political assassination attempts by some of the few moronic supporters of the candidates.