Saturday, September 12, 2009

Comment On Blogs Blast It!

Do you know what burns my bacon? Blogging networks.

You work your tail off trying to come up with a column and then you go to a social blogging network to tell everyone about your new masterpiece.

And instead of these people actually reading the column, they instead start shooting their mouths off about a topic they didn’t even read about.

Plus, you’ll get 50 comments about the column that no one really read on the social blogging network but none on your actual blog, where you want it the most!

Bloggers for the most part are like low self-esteem, nympho cheerleaders who only put out for the football team because they want and like the attention.

But unlike some high school cheerleaders who only need to wear a revealing skirt, bloggers have to jump threw hoops just to get one person to comment on their blog.

And it’s amazing, because no matter how high the number of visits or hits a blog gets, no one comments about it. Oh, they might post about a billion comments on that social blogging network or send you e-mails, but it means sackjhit to those of us who want to whore ourselves out and want to see some bloody comments on our actual blogs.

That way, the people who visit our blogs see that others have something to say about what we wrote.

Yes, maybe I am a needy guy who likes some attention for his hard work. Go ahead and ask my wife. I have the only wife who wants me to have an affair just so I can leave her alone.

And it’s just not me. Many bloggers have said the same thing.

So, instead of just commenting on a social blogging network or sending some guy an e-mail about his idiotic blog about his puppy, write a comment on his blog.

Let people know that he’s wasting Web space about his 50-page blog about an animal that’s peeing on his carpet.