Thursday, August 7, 2008

No Mercy For Killers

Do you know what burns my bacon? Death row inmates who complain that the method of their execution is cruel and unusual.

Take Richard Cooey for example. Old Richie was sentenced to death for raping and murdering two women in 1986. He’s supposed to get a lethal injection, without the lollypop, on Oct. 14.

However, Cooey is 267 pounds soaking wet in meat gravy and he claims that the lethal injection process would make it hard to find his veins because of his fatness. He also claims that he’s taking a drug for migraine headaches and that could affect the lethal injection process.

Let that sink in for a second. He’s worried that his headache medication would affect the lethal injection. I figure the lethal injection would be more effective in ridding his migraine headaches than his medication.

Now, anyone who rapes two women and murders them deserves to die right away. There should be no appeals for monsters like them, such as Vince Weiguang Li, who allegedly cut off a man’s head he was sitting next to on a Canadian bus and started to eat the hacked off pieces of his former passenger.

Tell me, how can you rehabilitate Li who allegedly lopped of a man’s head and started snacking on? The answer is you can’t. What are you going to do, roll up a newspaper and smack him on the nose every time he reaches out to someone during dinner time?

While Li’s alleged atrocities did not happen on U.S. soil, it wouldn’t take much to imagine what would happen to him if it did: Found guilty by insanity and pumped full of drugs for the rest of his life in a rubber room. But that’s still not good enough.

Why should tax dollars keep killers alive? After all, there are murderers who have been either sentenced to life in prison or they clog up the court systems with appeals to save their worthless hides from Old Needle. And I’m not talking about people who claim to be innocent. I’m talking about Cooey and the Jeffrey Dahmers of the world who have human hearts in their freezer next to the Breyers’ Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream. (Hey, even cannibals must enjoy a sweet frozen treat every once in awhile.)

The only way these animals should be left alive is to study them and discover some unknown gene that makes them into monsters and try to either reverse their murderous nature or find ways of screening people and treating them before they turns into killers.

But if this medical study won’t be done, then executing them is the only answer. There is no rehabilitation for people like Cooey, Dahmer or even Li if he is guilty of his savage acts. And having tax payers keeping murderers alive should not be an option either.

And I don’t want to hear the heart-bleeding old saying, “If you kill them, then you are just as guilty of they are.” B.S. That is a weak argument because killers murder innocent people. These animals aren’t innocent by a long shot.

And there is another argument to capital punishment: It doesn’t deter crime. It might not deter all murderers, but it makes damn sure that there are no repeat offenders.