Thursday, March 13, 2008

Honors Student Suspended
Because He Bought Candy

Once again, school officials are not as bright as they appear to be.
Sheridan Communications and Technology Middle School honor student and class vice president Michael Sheridan was stripped of his title, banned from going to an honors student dinner and suspended.

It wasn’t because he was caught with a bottle of Jim Beam or doing drugs. He wasn’t even caught fooling around with a pretty, young female teacher, which seems to be a very popular after school activity nowadays. Sheridan simply bought candy from a fellow student.

Yes, apparently there is some asinine-militant wellness policy that bans candy sales on school grounds since 2003 and young Sheridan didn’t realize it.

Folks, when kids get into the real world there is going to be a lot going against them from the word “go.”

And with what some of these kids are doing today, from drugs to creating their own little hit lists of who they’re going to shoot, you would think common sense – a wise, unused teaching tool it would seem – would have prevailed in this case before it became national news.

Well, it didn’t but thankfully after a meeting with the superintendent, the school principal and the student’s parents, Sheridan won’t be suspended and he got his title back.